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esxi 4.0 update 2 vsphere vm version 7 and snapdrive 6.x ?


Has anyone fully integrated a esxi version 4 update 2  vm version 7 guest os with snapdrive 6.x ?

We stood up a vm version 7 today and i cannot get snapdrive to integrate to esx.

When checking the enable esx integration it errors out saying my vm guest is not a member of virtualcenter server.  however it is.  no matter what i put in the virtualcenter name entry (ip or name or fqdn) it says my vm is not a member of the virtualcenter server.

i made sure that the snapdrive service account is a administrator on the virtualcenter server and that the snapdrive service account is under the local administrators group on the vm guest o/s. requierd hotfixes are installed and the lsi storport adapter has been installed.

i can get snapdrive installed if i uncheck the esx integration using the service account okay just cannot enable the esx integration.

only event is event id 4167 ... failed to connect to esx/vx server.  restart snapdrive server may solve the problem.

tried that along with multiple reboots and no go.

it is like vm version 7 is introducing another layer that i have never hit before until today.



I think we found the culprit.  The esxi template we use had a particular parameter set in the .vmx file called

isolation.tools.setinfo.disable = "true"

querying this parameter from vmware.com showed the following kb article


I commented out the parameter in the .vmx file and restarted the guest vm and snapdrive was properly able to authenticate with the vcs server and allow the esx integration screen to work.  Snapdrive is now installed.


Hi shawnj,

I had the same issue but we resolved verifying the credentials in ESX Server Login Setting, now its working fine.