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TreeSize Equivalent for NFS Volumes

Does anyone know a TreeSize or WinDirStat equivalent for NFS volumes?

We have about 12 NFS volumes that we are using as VMware datastores hosting about ~400 VM's and 40 TB of space.

We are geting to the point where some NFS volumes and their aggregates are getting full.  We have additional space on other volumes and aggregates, but it's difficult to find which VMDK's are taking up all the space and therefore what pieces to move.  (Storage vMotion)

We like to use TreeSize or WinDirStat on our Windows server to visualize what is consuming all the space on our Windows volumes.

Does something similar exist for NFS volumes used by VMware hosts?  It would be a nice feature for VSC.  (Hint, hint, NetApp devs)


Re: TreeSize Equivalent for NFS Volumes

You could try using RVTools, works great for pulling out all manner of info from vCenter.

Re: TreeSize Equivalent for NFS Volumes

I am assuming you have CIFS license on your filer(s) hosting these NFS datastores.

Just expose them as CIFS shares and run TreeSize against them.

Works for us

Re: TreeSize Equivalent for NFS Volumes

@gopinathp thanks for the idea.  I was not aware that you could export a volume as both NFS and CIFS.

That should do the trick for us.

Re: TreeSize Equivalent for NFS Volumes

Another way is to login to the vSphere host and run the du command on the target datastore (or on a *nix system that has access to the datastore)

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