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export file - vmware

I am new to vmware over NFS – Pls could someone give me an example of what an entry in the export file should look like for an ESX cluster connecting to an NFS volume?

I have tried a few different options without success, ie:

/vol/vol1 –sec=sys,rw=ip_address_of_vmk,root= ip_address_of_vmk,anon=0


Re: export file - vmware


What you have should basically work assuming you:

1. Can reach the filer on an IP basis

2. NFS is licensed and enabled

3. The qtree security is unix

See the exportfs manpage for checking exports.  See 'options nfs' for logging mountd requests.

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Re: export file - vmware

Thanks for the help.

mountd trace helped point out that the request was coming from a different interface! Yes, school boy error

Re: export file - vmware

Multiple IP's (aliases) in the same subnet?

That is going to give unpredictable results more often than you know...

Re: export file - vmware

Yes, however it is only a test environment.

I am moving away from the same subnet based on your advice in other posts.

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