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NFS mounts on new vSphere 4.1 cluster using VSC



Just a quick question someone may be able to help with.

I have a vSphere 4.1 cluster (2 node) created, and using VSC 2.x have deployed some NFS & iSCSI datastores at the cluster level, all appears fully functional. As load has increased, I've added a third host, and I expected the NFS and iSCSI datastores to automatically be applied to the new host, but that hasn't been the case. I was able to manually add the iSCSI IQN to the igroup, & the iSCSI luns showed up properly on the next rescan, however the NFS mounts did not, even after adding the NFS IP to the security tab for the export (both r/w & root access). I've run through the "Set recommended values" page of the Overview tab in VSC, and all checks out there.

I can mount the NFS datastores to the new host manually, at the host level, but naturally, they show up with a (1) added to the datastore name, which makes them different from the other two hosts in the cluster.

Am I correct in thinking that datastores mounted at the cluster level will be automatically accessible to any new host that is added to the cluster?





I think no. When you create a datastore at the cluster level, VSC can configure the access for those hosts which are part of the cluster. Of course it cannot predict the future hosts of the cluster. If you configure a new host to the cluster, that would be a good point to call some function within VSC to add the new hosts' data and give access to the datastores, but as I saw this is not the case.





Like has been said there is no fuctionality that would allow this automatically, however you shouldn't end up with the datastores being named differently as long as you are mounting them with the same name as they had originally. VC should see the datastore as the same ID as it had previously and it would allow it to be the same object name, you usually only end up with a (1) if the signatures are different and you are trying to use the same name as a previous object with a different ID. Although I'm open to being corrected, I've just never seen it.

Depending on you VMware licensing level you can use Host Profiles to automatically add NFS datastores to the host when it joins the cluster, these can be useful for all sorts of settings like vSwitches, vDS etc. Only limitation is you can't add LUN based datastores using a host profile, although they appear on the next storage rescan as long as your Zoning & iGroups are correct anyway.


Hi, thanks for the reply. As it turned out, we have more than one VIF that VSC could use and the original lun mappings on the initial hosts were using a different path than I was trying to use for the new host. Just needed to unmount & remount everythign to the same paths & all was good.

thanks again for the reply,