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Unable to connect to filer via web browser


I have Ubuntu running on VMware server environment. Netapp simulator is installed on top of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu N/w interface : Vmnet2

Ubuntu IP


I have configured the Netapp with following IPs



Problem: I cannot access the filer via web browser on Ubuntu

I cannot ping ubuntu from netapp and vice versa

Please help



This is due to the way that the NetApp simulator and VMware interact on a networking level. There is a hack to enable this, basically you create a dummy lookback interface (sorry, I haven't the link to hand).

However the easiest and best way is to manage the simulator from a different system. This is how I normally run the simulator.


So how do you manage it from other system ??


You should be able to access via a web browser from another system, you just can't access the simulator from the same system the simulator is currently running on. You can also use the "secureadmin setup ssh" command to enable ssh login as well on the simulator. Again the ssh client you use must be on a different host than the host running the simulator.

Hope that helps.


Okay... I will try accessing it from another machine in same VLAN as the Ubuntu VM

Thanks for pointing it out

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