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failed to retrieve backup list. Reason: FlOW-11019


Hi everybody. We are running a vSphere 5.1 environment with the VSC 4.2.1 plugin. Steadily over the last few months, we are losing the ability to restore from snapshots, either from the right-click menu -> netapp -> restore, or from the VSC plugin view. We used to be able to do it from the Netapp view in vSphere, but now even that ability is gone.


This problem has been discussed before on the forum but apparently never resolved.


The relevant error seems to be: NetApp VSC error "failed to retrieve backup list. Reason: FlOW-11019"


This is obviously from the thick client. I'm not aware of how to get the VSC plugin to work from the web client, or if this is even possible but we prefer the thick client anyway.


Thanks for any comments!