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iSCSI target IP with vif


I have an LACP vif (4 interfaces) configured across two Cisco 3750 switches (stacked). I left the default Target Portal Group Tag of 2000 alone, which holds all 4 interfaces. When I add the target IP in the iSCSI initiator on ESXi 4.x, I only added the first IP of the vif. VMware automatically discovered the other IPs and now shows them as valid paths. Should I be adding those vif aliases manually to the target list anyway, or is one enough for discovery? I added the extra IP aliases but saw no change in the path information (nor did I expect any).

Is this the same for Windows 2008 R2 (with the NetApp MPIO DSM) as well (that is, should I add all vif aliases explicitly or is one IP enough)? Thanks for any insight or guidance.




Just an aside....when I configure iSCSI on Windows 2008 R2 (with NetApp MPIO DSM) it only shows 1 path to the LUN I provisioned, unlike ESXi 4.x (which shows 😎 despite both having the same physical connectivity. I added a vif alias IP to the target list, but still saw only one path. Then I added a second session (using the alias IP as the destination) and now it shows 2 paths to the LUN. So the NetApp DSM requires manual path creation, which is odd considering that even EqualLogic's DSM automatically spins up sessions to each controller IP.

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