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issues with NFS exports on qtrees (vSphere)


Whats the right way to setup NFS exports on qtrees?

1. Create volume vol1.

2. Create unix qtree called vol1 under vol1.

3. Do I delete the existing default export /vol/vol1 and recreate it, or just leave it be? Because I can't select a qtree as the folder to export (/vol/vol1/vol1), nor can I create a folder, under the qtree, to export.

4. Set rw/root access, unix security permissions on the export.

5. Then when I add it to ESX, i point it to /vol/vol1/vol1, and that appears to work.

I just dont know if thats the correct way of setting it up.




Hey Ed,

Don't have much eperience wth this, but check out this thread:

The new version of TR-3749 document available, just click on the link.


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