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step by step guide to flexclone of vm images from command line


Does anyone have a step by step guide (or can point me in right direction) of using flexclone to deploy some vm's from vm templates.

Running out of time waiting for the new VSC tools to be released and would prefer not to deploy from template using vcenter as it would be a waste of disk space.  Can't use existing VSC tools as we are now on vsphere 4.1.

Our setup is as follows:

2 volumes, (vol a) for vm images, (vol b) for the pagefiles of the vm images

(Vol a) is the volume with the vm images in and is split into multiple luns.

We have some vm templates in these luns on (vol a) and a customisation specification which works ok when deploying images using vcenter.

I would to be able to pick a template and deploy an image from it using flexclone and use the customisation specification against it.

Thanks for any help


Re: step by step guide to flexclone of vm images from command line

Hi Darren,

The VSC v2.0 has been released today, and it supports vSphere 4.1

See http://now.netapp.com/NOW/download/software/vsc_win/2.0

I think using this might be a better option than trying to script the cloning process.



Check out the KB!
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