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lun clone size


i made a clone of a vmfs lun. then mounted it in esxi

then uploaded a few gigs of data into this cloned lun.

then df  -V -h shows that the volume is increasing in size.

yes the lun clone was cloned to the same volume as the original.

but snap list does not show the snapshot was changing.

when would the snapshot change in size?


Re: lun clone size


Snapshot “size” is amount of changed (overwritten) data. If all data is new, why should snapshot grow?

Re: lun clone size


ok makes sense.

when i uploaded and deleted some files and reupload some files, I noticed that the

.snapshot is increasing. so is the volume on df -h -v

but my snap reserve is set to 0%.

so where is it finding the space for the snapshot from?

Re: lun clone size


Setting the snap reserve to 0% just means none of the allocated space to the volume is used for snapshots.

ie if you had 10GB vol and set it to 20%, 2GB would show as the reserve for snapshots.

There is whole thread regarding reserves etc here:



Re: lun clone size


Data in snapshots is located in the volume. Snap reserve does not allocate nor limit snapshot space - it only limits visible available space on volume.

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