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mounting clone luns signature

I clone a vmfs lun and when i try to mount it, it gives 3 options

keep existing signature

assign new signature

format the disk

which first 2 options should i choose? I want to retrieve some files from this lun. not necessary write to it


Re: mounting clone luns signature

actually, option1 failed and I was only able to go with option2 which I was able to add the lun and it got renamed to something like snap-xxxxx-lunname

Re: mounting clone luns signature

Hello TDUBB1234,

What ESX version are you running?

Did you clone a VMFS5 and tried to map to ESX 4.X? (does not support VMFS5)

What was the error message you've got?



Re: mounting clone luns signature

Yep, that's right. ESX automatically detects clones & assigning a new signature is a way of preventing possible conflicts.

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