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mbrscan says partition is not aligned


Using mbrscan on the following VMDK, it complains that the second last partitions are not aligned. However, the offset is divideable by 8. Any hints here?

[root@srp0777777ghp ~]# find /vmfs/volumes/DHP_NetApp_OS/LinuxTemplate/ -name "*-flat.vmdk" -exec mbrscan {} \;
/vmfs/volumes/DHP_NetApp_OS/LinuxTemplate/test_image-CSL2.2rc1-base-flat.vmdk p1 (Linux)        lba:128 offset:65536    aligned:Yes
/vmfs/volumes/DHP_NetApp_OS/LinuxTemplate/test_image-CSL2.2rc1-base-flat.vmdk p2 (Linux)        lba:512256      offset:262275072        aligned:Yes
/vmfs/volumes/DHP_NetApp_OS/LinuxTemplate/test_image-CSL2.2rc1-base-flat.vmdk p3 (Linux)        lba:16896384    offset:8650948608       aligned:Yes
/vmfs/volumes/DHP_NetApp_OS/LinuxTemplate/test_image-CSL2.2rc1-base-flat.vmdk p4 (EBR ) lba:23040512    offset:11796742144      aligned:Yes
/vmfs/volumes/DHP_NetApp_OS/LinuxTemplate/test_image-CSL2.2rc1-base-flat.vmdk e1 (Linux)        lba:23040640    offset:11796807680      aligned:Yes
/vmfs/volumes/DHP_NetApp_OS/LinuxTemplate/test_image-CSL2.2rc1-base-flat.vmdk e2 (Linux)        lba:29184768    offset:14942601216      aligned:No
/vmfs/volumes/DHP_NetApp_OS/LinuxTemplate/test_image-CSL2.2rc1-base-flat.vmdk e3 (swap) lba:33280896    offset:17039818752      aligned:No


this is going to be addressed in EHU 5.2.1

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