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mcafee vscanners disconnect every 10-11 minutes


I have a customer with 6 vscanners connected to 4 controllers. Two of these vscanners disconnect and reconnect every 10-11 minutes.

Of course there is no impact however we d like to take control of the situation and prevent this from happening. 

Any ideas?




Re: mcafee vscanners disconnect every 10-11 minutes

By any chance, are the 2 scanners that disconnect and reconnect running Windows 2008?  We ran into something similar with our scanners running McAfee AV for NetApp on Windows 2008 servers.  It came to light after we upgraded our DOT to 7.3.6 and enabled SMB 2.  It seems that SMB 2 uses a certificate system that expires and forces the scanner to disconnect and reconnect.  McAfee suggested we disable SMB 2 on the scanner servers.

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