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mount NFS to twelve host


I did search but did not find. I have 12 ESX host servers and a few new NFS volumes. Any one know of a means to add NFS mount points to multiple ESX host boxes without having to manually add the path, volume name and destination all by hand 12 times? NFS is great and very flexible but adding volumes takes too much time.


mount NFS to twelve host


Have you tried the NetApp Virtual Storage Console (VSC 2.1.1)?

It is a vCenter plugin and allows you to provision Datastores for the whole cluster or a ESX host through Right Click Context Menus. You can also add existing data stores to new nodes in the cluster through the plugin. Not only that it allows you to setup NetApp best practices, Provision using NetApp Clones or backup you Vms/Datastores with appropriate licenses. More information at http://media.netapp.com/documents/ds-3057-virtual-storage.pdf

The software can be downloaded from https://now.netapp.com/NOW/cgi-bin/software/?product=Virtual+Storage+Console+for+VMware+vSphere&platform=Windows . You need the NOW website access to download it for free.

Re: mount NFS to twelve host


The easiest is from VMware's VC ESX host template configuration and apply to the host(s). This is very handy if you have. Dozen NFS mounted datastores and need to rapidly rebuild/reconfigure an ESX host. Basically you build a template from one config and then apply to the other hosts. This is also great for policy enforcement and ensuring all builds/settings are configured exactly the same way.


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