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rcu error


I just install Rcu 2.0.1 on my test environnement and I have an error. I use vsphere vcenter, esx4 nfs mount from an Ibm nSerie 3600 with nfs mount

I can create my clone task for exemple 10, I see the cloning task in the live console log I see the 10 vmdk clone but only one vm appear in the inventory. all other vmdk still in one directory


Re: rcu error


Thanks for the question. I would try to upgrade to RCU 2.1 (it was released yesterday) as it may fix the issue you are experiencing.  Unfortunately support for RCU with vSphere will be not be available until the next release of RCU.  Anecdotally I have heard that 2.1 may work for NFS with vSphere...  I can't guarantee anything as we don't officially support it but for your test environment it may give you what you need.


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