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remove snap reservation - how to extend vmfs?


I initially had a snap reservation of 20% on a netapp volume.

500gb total

400gb available as a vmfs volume in vsphere.

Now when set the snap reservation to 0.

in netapp, it shows 500gb available.

but in vsphere it still shows 400gb vmfs volume.

what do I do to expand that to 500gb?



Are you using LUN or NFS for your datastore?


using fc. not nfs. It does not see the extra 100gb I should have after removing snap reservation.

going to vsphere and datastores and increase does not bring up anything.


Decreasing snap reserve does not automagically increase size of LUN on the volume. You need to grow your LUN explicitly.


This is a VMware issue.

Once you have extended your volume on NetApp, go to vCenter and locate your datastore, check its properties, extend the datastore across the containing volume and you're done.

Sorry for the brevity, but, again, after removing the snap reserve, extending the volume becomes a VMware issue.

If you need the step by step, feel free to ask for it.


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