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stopping two controllers



I wish to do a procedure to stop a Netapp 2040 with two controllers. I read on a forum that before to execute the command "halt -f" is better to execute "cf disable".

I'm not sure if I need to execute the command "cf.."... But, my question now is how could I get the IP for the second controller? I.e., I know the IP I'm currently using is the first controller, right? Is the IP for the second controller the BMC IP?

Thank you.



halt -f is the correct procedure for halting one node of a cluster with out initiating a cluster fail-over.

No need to disable the cluster by cf disable.

You can log into the node and issue "bmc status" to find the BMC IP.

BTW all sysadmin manuals are free, and you can access them via your NOW site ID.


Thank you baijulal.

So, if I understand well what you told me, the only thing I have to do for shutdown my netapp with two controllers (wich is part of a vmware cluster), is to login via ssh to the normal IP an execute the command "halt -f", right?

I asked you it, because someone told me that "halt -f" just shutdown the controller, but not the entire device. I know the IP for the BMC, and I wonder if I have also login to the BMC IP and execute also there "halt -f".

It could be great if I could shutdown the entire device, and not just the controllers...


Hi the BMC is the management interface, equal to a server ILO port.  It doesn't allow you to share data, and even when it is online, the filers are not available or usable. 

I think that someone has given you bad information, or confused you.  When both heads are at a halted state, the only thing the BMC would allow you to do, is login and reboot them, all disk activity is stopped, all network activity is stopped, all FC/FCoE/iSCSI activity is stopped.  If you have a server background, the filers are at the "ok" prompt, and effectively worthless until rebooted.

- Scott