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Why is it taking so long to get support for current versions of vCenter/VMware?  You are forcing everyone to delay updates for over a year at times because you can't support current versions of software that you say you are supporting.  Beta's of everything have existed for a while, and the HTML5 client has existed for years already in at least some form.  Its really inexcusable that your ETA for any 6.7 support is Q4 2018 or Q1 2019.  I'm guessing I still won't see anything at those times either.  It seems like your software gets delayed even past the vague release windows that are released.  


I know I'm shopping for a new vendor for my next storage purchase. 


Re: vCenter Plug-ins


Hi there,


I can understand the inconvenience here, and I have passed this feedback on to the VSC Product Managers for their attention. 


Best regards,


Re: vCenter Plug-ins


Meanwhile you still have nothing that supports 6.7 and its 2019.  

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