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vCenter Server Linked Mode + VSC

I am getting the following message in WebClient 5.5 :

This web client is connected to more than one vCenter server. Virtual Storage Console does not support this configuration.

The vCenter is not in linked mode. See attached screenshots.

Any ideas on this?








Re: vCenter Server Linked Mode + VSC

I have the same issue and the answer is VSC does not support Linked Mode, the only way to get VSC to work is by not using Linked Mode. This thread has some more info VSC 5.0: No linked mode support?


I also logged a support request recently for this and the response is the same as in the other discussion, it is not supported.


To say being disappointed that VSC does not support Linked Mode configuration is an understatement....


Re: vCenter Server Linked Mode + VSC

Were you ever able to fix this issue?


Im having the same problem.  I have two VC servers both show that theyre NOT in linked mode BUT when I open VSC I get the same error.


Re: vCenter Server Linked Mode + VSC

try the new version




It supports linked mode now and is backwards compatible.

Check out the KB!
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