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vlan for vif

I want to know how to create another vlan for an existing vif , Anyone has a KB article?

The filer has an vif with ip 10.*.*.50,51 and 52. and want to change the network id.

I do not want to destroy the existing vif and recreate since the datastores are mounted for Esxi hots, instead I want to create another vlan for NFS  ,I  do not know it is possible?


Re: vlan for vif

What's the ontap version?

You normally create vlans on top of vif using command vlan create / vlan add.

Re: vlan for vif

Thank you for your reply.

It is ver 8.1.3 7-mode. it has already a vlan with alias ips ,

I wonder how do i create another vlan with ips,, you do mind to put some steps ?

Do I have to down the interfaces?

Re: vlan for vif

If a physical interface/VIF does not belong to any VLAN, you can use the vlan create. If VIF is already a member of a VLAN, you should use the "vlan add" command to add the interface to subsequent VLANs.

In your case, VIF is already created and VLAN exits on top of it.

In order to add another VLAN with network Identifier '50'.

filer>vlan add interface_name vlanid

filer>vlan add vif 50

Note: Substitute vif with your vif name.

Next, configure the newly created VLAN:

filer>ifconfig vif-50 netmask

Next, add the alias:

filer>ifconfig vif-50 alias netmask

Ensure that these commands are added to the /etc/rc file as they are not persistent across reboots.



Re: vlan for vif

Thanks Aswhin

How do we add this in rc file, use wordpad?

Re: vlan for vif

You can use CLI or notepad/wordpad. I usually do it using CLI, b'cos, sometimes rc file dosent like notepad/wordpad edits.

In CLI, you'll need to use the "rdfile" and "wrfile" commands.

Login via putty:

1) rdfile /vol/vol0/etc/rc   ---- This will display the current "rc" file, cut and paste this into a Notepad.

2) modify the "rc" in Notepad to include the vlan changes you made.

3) wrfile /vol/vol0/etc/rc  ----- Copy the updated Notepad version of the "rc" file and right click and paste into the Putty session window


5) rdfile /vol/vol0/etc/rc   ---- And review the changes



Re: vlan for vif

Thank you for your help.

iler>vlan add interface_name vlanid

here the inteface _name is more than one interface ? e0a e0b e0c, am i correct?

Re: vlan for vif

Well, the interface_name is the interface you want to add to a VLAN. This could be physical interface such as e0a ,e0b etc, or it could be a virtual interface, simply called VIF. If you already have a VIF (with teamed interfaces such as e0a, e0b, etc), then you don't have to give physical interfaces name, instead you give VIF name. Basically you are building a VLAN on top of VIF. Isn't it.

Is that your query ?

Re: vlan for vif

Correct I already have a vif call myvif  with nic team e0a e0b,e0c

so i have to go for this filer >vlan add myvif 50 ?

Re: vlan for vif

Yes.that' right.

filer>vlan add myvif 50

filer>ifconfig myvif-50

View solution in original post

Re: vlan for vif

my filer > vlan stat
vlan: Display stat failed. None of the interfaces are capable of supporting VLAN tagging.

I looked at my rc file and noticed that there is not any entry for vlan,

Is tehre any default vlan for the current vif?
will it cause any problem to the filer if i issue
>vlan add myvif 50

Re: vlan for vif

You might not have vlan trunking on the switch side config, check that first as doing it on the netapp side and not the switch will break connectivity, from recent experience.

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