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vscan question

I have a question about vscan and wildcards. I looked thru some of the KB articles, Bug Reports and Best Practices (Links below)




The BugReport indicates that using a single "?" as a wildcard matches zero or any "remaining" characters. For e.g. HT? will match HT, HTM, HTML, HTX etc..

The KB articles indicates that "???" has special meaning and seems to suggest that it works just like "*". So "???" should match any extension (any number of letters and any letters)

So what's the difference between a single "?" and "???". Both should match any number of characters and any letters? Am I overthinking this? I am looking for a wildcard pattern that is all inclusive and want to specify specific exclusions in the exclude list.



Re: vscan question


Re: vscan question

I don't have a scanner to test but a single "?" should match any file with a single byte extension not all extensions... ".c" should scan but not .c++ ... do you have a vscan server setup to test with?

Re: vscan question

I would have thought so myself...However the bug report threw me off. Acc. to bug report and the workaround explanation, a single
"?" matches one AND more characters. I do not have a vscan server to test..

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