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Hello Team,   We currently recieved this notification "DISK_FAIL - Bypassed by ESH" on checking with the "oncommand " app no disk is marked as failed more
As I was wondering whether you might be able to help me with a project that I’m involved with at present. We are planning to complete a head swap from more
Hi. Looking to see if there is a way to collect all Servers running Snapmanager for SQL and Snapmanager for Exchange and report its respective schedul more
Hi NetApp Community ,    I am trying to use  NetApp   PostGreSQL  custom plugin for SnapCenter  4.1  but un fortunatly its not get intalled directly v more
Hi, I'm facing a curious issue - I mount an NFS volume (ONTAP 9.4P5) to RHEL 7.6 or CENTOS 7 and if I leave it as it is and later (after 1h) try df -h more
Hello,   I'm testing SnapCenter API and for example this CURL...   curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'Token: ThisIsMyValidToken more
Hello,I have a questions regarding Harvest. I experinced that NetApp cluster annswer different the number of instances(volume) in each case when Harve more
When creating a repository, is it possible to supply a TNS string rather than a combination of hostname:port:SID for the repository? As per help it is more
We just discovered that even though we selected via "Cloud Manager" "S3 Storage Classes" for our instance to be "Standard-Infrequent Access" AWS S3 bu more
Hello, I do have a on CDOT  9.3P8, a unix security qtree with a file having 770 as unix access right. This qtree do have a cifs shares and therefore c more