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Alternative datasource type for McData switches


We have SANScreen 6.3.2 installed in our environment. With around 60 switches of Cisco, mcdata and brocade.

The brocade CLI datasource is a breeze to configure. Plus I only need 1 datasource to discover the whole fabric.

However the Mcdata switches are a PAIN to configure. We don't have EFCM so I configured mcdata sphereon snmp datasource.

I will need to make DS for each switch and it keeps timing out randomly.

Can I use SMI-S instead? If yes, can someone provide me the link of the manual and download package please.




There is no SMI-S option for McData.

Do the McData datasources ever inventory successfully?

     If yes - what is the ping time between OCI and them? It may be that WAN issues are a problem. It may mean that deploying a Remote Acquisition Unit may help,           or it might be possible to bump up retries within the datasource.

     If no

          consult the support matrix, and ensure your firmware is supported. Some firmware fundamentally have wonky SNMP stacks, and are unsupportable

          Use the snmpwalk.exe to validate that your OCI server can communicate via SNMP to the McData switch with the same community string you are using.


The datasource inventory will succeed eventually. but it will also fail intermittently during polling.

I tried to extend timeout using KB:2014313 but the timeout still remains as 5sec with 1 retry.


I would use KB 2014313 to increase the retries before increasing the timeout. I don't think there is a high likelihood of a SNMP UDP frame arriving > 1 second after it was sent - it is going to come within a second, or it isn't going to come after all.

Calculate your datasource success % for a 7 day period, then try setting the retries to 3, and then calculate the resulting success %