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Can DFM chart historical inode usage stats?


Can I get a historical graph of the inode usage for a volume from DFM? I've searched and poked and clicked all over the tool and the Web, and I haven't found anything so far, so I thought I'd consult the experts. I don't really care if it's an absolute number or a percentage, though I would sort of prefer the absolute number if possible. If I adjust the maxfiles on a vol, it will mess with the percentage graphs.


    Scott L


Re: Can DFM chart historical inode usage stats?


Hi Scott,

I believe a custom report needs to be created to monitor the Inode usage.

Could you please check this thread -  and let me know if the script-plugin posted there works for you?

Details on how to use the script-plugin is  mentioned in the ReadMe.doc in the .zip archive.



Re: Can DFM chart historical inode usage stats?


This is some cool stuff. I haven't looked into custom reports much. Unfortunately, it only reports the point-in-time usage, with no history. I need to be able to chart the inode utilization over a matter of days, weeks, months, in the manner that you can chart CPU usage or volume growth. It doesn't look like DFM maintains a history of inode utilization, at least not as far as I can see. Thank you for your assistance. I will be glad to look at any other suggestions!


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