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Data Source Service Pack 3 for OCI 7.1.[0-2]


Hey alll,


A week ago today (when I was in Florence not worrying too much about heterogeneous storage management...), NetApp released OCI Data Source Service Pack 3 for OCI 7.1.0, 7.1.1 and 7.1.2.


A data source service pack is a way to consume:


New OCI datasources


Bug fixes


Without doing a full OCI upgrade. On OCI 7.1.x and earlier, you need to install the service pack on your OCI server, and your OCI Remove Acquistion Units (RAUs). Your DWH does not get touched.


Installing SP3 is a way to bring your data source capabilities up to that of the forthcoming OCI 7.1.3 maintenance release.


There is a STAGGERING amount of good stuff in SP3:


New stuff! EMC VNXe inventory support, Hitachi NAS inventory support, Pure Storage iSCSI inventory support, NetApp SolidFire inventory and performance support....


Enhancements - HDS export tools support for newer HDS firmware, NetApp cDOT MetroCluster fixes, support for Data Domain 5.7.x firmware, etc


And a variety of bug fixes







Re: Data Source Service Pack 3 for OCI 7.1.[0-2]


Hi Ostiguy,


Thanks for sharing this information.

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