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EMC Unity & OCI...


Since EMC Unity is a glorified VNXe, and uses the uemcli.exe , if you would like to see Unity inside OCI, try creating a VNXe datasource pointed against your Unity array. Make sure you have the latest uemcli.exe appropriate for Unity installed.


March 17th - For customer running OCI 7.2.x, we have a patch available for our EMC VNXe datasource that:


Solves various Unity parsing bugs

Add FC(oE) support for VNXe and Unity arrays - see storage ports, volume mapping and masking such that OCI server can properly calculate paths

Report Storage Pool compression on Unity



Ping me if you are interested in EMC Unity support at ostiguy at netapp dot com



Hi Matt,


One of our customer have few VNXe3200 which are discovered as VNXe as datasource type, which is successfully discovered. But some surprising fact that OCI is showing 0 FC ports on all of them. However customer confirmed that those 3200 are connected to fabric and serving capacity to few servers.


They also have few VNXe5200 which are working fine. Wondering why the problem is with 3200 only.


OCI 7.1.3-312 is used on that environment.


Hey Sunil,


FC(oE) is a current gap in our VNXe support. When we were first writing this datasource a year or so ago, we did not encounter enough FC(oE) configurations for us to add support at that time.


We are hoping to close this gap as part of our Unity efforts.


Question - when are you planning to upgrade that environment to 7.2.x? If it were on 7.2.x, we could give you a VNXe patch that would run additional CLI commands - this would not change the lack of FCoE support, but it would allow us to capture your configurations to send to engineering.


We are hoping to add Unity and FCoE support to the existing VNXe datasource soon. There are no plans, however, for this work to be backported to OCI 7.1.x




Hi Matt,


Thanks for the patch and support. VNXe are now discovered successfully.


Thanks Sunil,


We are pretty confident we have Unity inventory support and VNXe FC(oE) support wrapped up - this stuff will officially ship in the next OCI Data Source Service Pack for 7.2, SP6. I am not sure if all the work made it into the forthcoming OCI 7.3.0, but it will likely make the first service pack for 7.3


We are going to be investigating Unity performance support in April




Thanks for sharing this information Ostiguy!

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