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Format of performance data export ??



Unified Manager 5.2:

I like to export performance data from Performance Advisor to .csv or similar text format in tables.

I read in the Operations Manager Admininstartion Guide that Data export provides the following benefits:

"Enables you to export the Performance Advisor and DataFabric Manager server data to text files,

which eases the loading of data to user-specific database"

but it is not explained in Detail how I cando this for performance Advisor Data.

I tried this command:

"dfm perf data export -s "2014-04-07 08:00" -e "2014-04-07 09:00" hostname"

This generated a report but it is not in pure text format!

What is the format of this report? - Is there a way to convert it to text/table?




I found out something more by myself:

"dfm perf data retrieve" instead of  "dfm perf data export"

(and redirect the output to a file.

One example the works:   dfm perf data retrieve -o klnfs001ap.lkh-ktn.local -C fcp:fcp_throughput -b "2014-04-02 00:00:00" -e "2014-04-02 23:59:00"

Other question:

Some counters the exists on the system seem to be not in the Performance Database of DFM, right?

e.g. the IO sizes are there for nfsv3 and nfsv4 (nfsv3_read_size_histo, nfsv3_write_size_histo) but not for fcp or cifs? .....

Is it correct that e.g.  fcp_read_size_histo stats are not gathered by Performance Advisor?




Hi Helmut,

You should be able to configure PA to collect the data. The chances are that you'll first need to enable diag counters by setting the following option:-

dfm options set perfAdvisorShowDiagCounters=Enabled

This will need a restart of the DFM service.

After that you can go into PA, go to Set Up and then edit the data collection for specific hosts to include the counters you require.



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