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Getting a custom annotation to show up in a datamart


Customer needed a "region" annotation for report purposes.

We created the annotation ("Region" for storage arrays) and populated it in the six OCI servers affected. The next day the DWH administrative portal shows "Region" as unpublished in the Annotations list on DWH. We published it, watched the job run to a successful conclusion, and restarted the reporting portal, but "Region" is not showing up in the capacity datamart.

What did I miss?



I believe that custom annotations propagate no further than the Inventory mart.  You might want to make sure it has gotten that far; use SQL something like this: 

select distinct annotationType, valueIdentifier from dwh_inventory.annotation_value where annotationType like "Region"

You can get that into Cognos as a table with a SQL query something like this:

select  av.valueIdentifier as region, obj2av.objectId as objId

from dwh_inventory.annotation_value av, dwh_inventory.object_to_annotation obj2av

where = obj2av.annotationValueId

and av.annotationType like "Region"

You can then join this to dwh_capacity.storage_dimension on foo.objid =, or equivalent. 

It would be great to find out that there's an easier way. 


It is within the realm of possibility to use Framework Manager to manipulate the Cognos model to add custom annotations to the model. I am not smart enough to offer more guidance on this topic

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