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Got a hot issue with a customer restore


I'm trying to restore an OCI 6.3.2 backup for a customer, and two different backups fail with the same message:

2013-05-20 19:09:57,320 ERROR [http-] upgrade ( - Failed to upgrade: com.onaro.sanscreen.upgrade.UpgraderException: Failed to restore C:\Program Files\SANscreen\jboss\server\onaro\deploy\download.war\upgrade\Backup_AIGGS_V6_3_2_B141_40548750771347288542487558480805585059_7175286693062507676.sql

...with additional message:

Caused by: com.onaro.sanscreen.upgrade.UpgraderException: Failed to execute query ALTER TABLE performance.threshold_port CHANGE `minValue` valueMin DOUBLE

Caused by: com.onaro.util.database.DBConnectionException: Failed to run query: ALTER TABLE performance.threshold_port CHANGE `minValue` valueMin DOUBLE

Caused by: com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Table 'performance.threshold_port' doesn't exist

Anyone seen this one?



Personally, I haven't. 

I'd open a case.  (Which I can now do for myself! )

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