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Host view performance chart


Hi all.

Im having trouble to show host performanch chart on all of my host.

Anyone have qlue to what that could be?

I can se storage array perf chart but not Host charts.




Re: Host view performance chart


Hi Jonas,

I doubt that OCI does host performance collection if they are physical.

For virtual machine you can get that info, but for physical server you cannot get any inventory related info (leave the performance thing) except HBA details because OCI have no agents sitting inside host OS which provide that information.

But lets wait and get it confirm from any Netapp OCI specialist.

Re: Host view performance chart


Assuming that you are running the Perform module, OCI should be able to display complete performance information for VMware hosts and guests.  The data is acquired through vCenter. 

For physical hosts, OCI will not be able to display CPU or memory utilization information for the reasons sunil-yadav cited.  For physical hosts with FC or iSCSI paths, OCI should be able to display a variety of I/O performance information including IOPS, throughput, latency and the like.  If that is failing, you may want to post additional details about how you have navigated to the screen where you expect performance information to appear, and maybe a screenshot. 

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Re: Host view performance chart


it turnd out to be a plroblem with a datasource that did not go trough properly, thats why no info is beeing showd.

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