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Monitor change with Operations Manager




I would like to know if there is a way with Operations Manager to track/monitor any change locally on a netapp host (in rc or hosts files, in options).


I tried to use an alarm on the event "Storage System Configuration: Changed Locally" but it doesn't work as i expected.


So somebody already use something or have an idea ?


Re: Monitor change with Operations Manager


When you are talking operations manager, I assume you are talking oncommand unified manager 5.x.  


I'm not aware of anyway to do this other than custom scripting... I could be wrong though

Re: Monitor change with Operations Manager


Yes the exact name and version is OnCommand Unified Manager Core Package 5.2.1



Re: Monitor change with Operations Manager


I'm not sure at what scale you are trying to do this, but it could be a custom script.. Also, there is a feature in operations manager where you can capture and/or push configuration files down.. See if that will help you.



Re: Monitor change with Operations Manager


It is a build-in functionality and it's called Configuration Management.


In essensce you can create a template by downloading the current configuration of a running system.

Afterwards you can push that configuration to other systems or simly use that template to compare it to the running systems.

Once you have pushed a configuration to a system (and be it by just setting a single option) the whole configuration is monitored on a regular basis and you get the alert you mentioned already "Storage System Configuratoion: Changed locally" when options or specific files have changed. Unfortunalety this functionality does not cover system-specific files that are unique per system such as the rc or hosts files.


I suggest to look for more information in the Unified Manager online help.

Go to the legacy Operations Manager (a.k.a. DFM) UI,

click "Help" --> "General Help"

Look for the category "Storage system management" --> "Storage Systems" --> "Configuration File Management"


Kind regars, Niels

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