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Monitor change with Operations Manager




I would like to know if there is a way with Operations Manager to track/monitor any change locally on a netapp host (in rc or hosts files, in options).


I tried to use an alarm on the event "Storage System Configuration: Changed Locally" but it doesn't work as i expected.


So somebody already use something or have an idea ?



When you are talking operations manager, I assume you are talking oncommand unified manager 5.x.  


I'm not aware of anyway to do this other than custom scripting... I could be wrong though


Yes the exact name and version is OnCommand Unified Manager Core Package 5.2.1




I'm not sure at what scale you are trying to do this, but it could be a custom script.. Also, there is a feature in operations manager where you can capture and/or push configuration files down.. See if that will help you.




It is a build-in functionality and it's called Configuration Management.


In essensce you can create a template by downloading the current configuration of a running system.

Afterwards you can push that configuration to other systems or simly use that template to compare it to the running systems.

Once you have pushed a configuration to a system (and be it by just setting a single option) the whole configuration is monitored on a regular basis and you get the alert you mentioned already "Storage System Configuratoion: Changed locally" when options or specific files have changed. Unfortunalety this functionality does not cover system-specific files that are unique per system such as the rc or hosts files.


I suggest to look for more information in the Unified Manager online help.

Go to the legacy Operations Manager (a.k.a. DFM) UI,

click "Help" --> "General Help"

Look for the category "Storage system management" --> "Storage Systems" --> "Configuration File Management"


Kind regars, Niels