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Multiple series error




I've finally got Grafana/Graphite/Harvest working for one of my 8040 clusters. I did have a few issues along the way but my current problem is that under the NetApp Cluster Dashboard I don't see any stats for Read Latency, Write Latency, CPU Utilization and Disk Utilization.


In all cases they show N/A with a a red triangle with a ! in the top left corner. Hovering the mouse over this shows a; Multiple series error.



The node dashboard does show stats for each node so I'm assuming somehow I've goofed up how the cluster should be interpreting data from more than one node.


If more info or extracts of config files are required then please feel free to ask.





I've since also observed that a number of other metrics have N/A e.g. everything under the NetApp Details: Network Port, Network LIF, Disk and Cache Layers dashboards


I see corresponding data for these in Graphite but it appears not to make it into the Grafana dashboards. Is it possible I'm missing some config definitions?


Re: Multiple series error


I resolved the multiple series error by importing the updated dashboards from Chris's blog post titled Grafana 2.5 support with NetApp Harvest



View solution in original post

Re: Multiple series error


I am having the same issue.  I d/l'ed the new dashboards from the blog entry, imported them, & rebooted the Grafana server, but still am getting the multiple series errors.  I'm not yet familiar enough with this tool to modify it myself, so I'm not sure why this is still happening.  Help would be appreciated.

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