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New to NetAPP


Ok, I have inherited a FAS220 with a single external shelf. Dual PCMs and 4 eth connectors (plus the ACP and e0M connections).

Cabling all passes happy with config-advisor. I can open OnCommand System manager and connect to both PCMs.

I did a complete re-initialize of the disks and used 'software upgrade' to update to OnTAP 8.1.2 7-mode

I haven't set anything up as far as disk sharing. Seems I need to hunt down the NFS license anyway.


I notice that one PCM has its aggr0 on 3 of the internal SAS but the other is grabbing 3 of the external larger SATA disks.

Is this normal? I would think aggr0 would be on the internal disks so my entire shelf can be used for a shared filesystem.

Also, even though I did the software update, I am getting the infamous "Error 500 Servlets not enabled" error.

From what I read, re-installing OnTAP should have put the files where they should have been.

Finally, when configuring, do I run setup on both PCMs? If so, do I use the same IP address for my lacp interface that uses all 4 ports?

My expectation was that PCM-a is primary and PCM-b is failover, but that may not be accurate.

Thanks in advance,




Hello Brian,

For Active/Active configurations, each controller needs its own aggregate to store its root volume, you can either split your internal disk into 2 aggregates for root volumes, or keep it as it is right now (1 root volume on internal disks and one root volume on shelf). If one controller fails, the other one takes control of the "orphan" aggregate.

You need to update Data ONTAP on both controllers, they act as separated entities as long as one of the controllers fails, then the surviving controller takes the identity of the failed one (it responds to both IPs and DNS names,...).