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OCI 7.3 and Oracle Virtual Manager


Are there any plans to add a Oracle Virtual Manager data collector? This would be similar to the collector / Data Source for VMware to provide the ability to see bullies, paths, orphans, etc...



Jim Kerick



Re: OCI 7.3 and Oracle Virtual Manager


Hey Jim,


Glad to see are back thinking about OCI.


Right now, we have no immediate plans for Oracle VM support - I believe you are referring to their x86 solution, correct?


As always, we only plan so far ahead on the data source front, given that our data sources tend to be loosely coupled to OCI, and thus are patchable



Re: OCI 7.3 and Oracle Virtual Manager


Hey Matt,


Yes I am asking about the x86 version. Hoping to get this on the radar for the product managers to start plotting conquering it. I also opened support case 2007055633 to have the request logged. The TSE working it seemed to miss the message that he should be not just tell me to talk to sales, he should also be passing the message onward.


We are using the Oracle VM x86 in many ways and may have insights to share. 




Jim K.

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