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OCI DWH Reporting - Time windows


Have used the folloing 'filter' definition in numerous reports to limit data pulled from performance and other datamarts but working with the Node Performance DM and this same filer is failing as the report returns no data but I can do tabular query and all the info is there.


[Full Date] between _add_days (current_date, -1) and current_date


No idea what [Full Date] in this DM would respond differently to the Capacity DMs or anything else that hold time series of data points??



So after many different combinations I found that [Full Date] > _add_days (current_date, -1) worked ok...


I've had the same issue working trying to get a time window for say the last 6hrs... again I've tried various combinations but things like below don't seem to work.


[Time] > _add_hours ([Time], -6)


There are a few reasons I wouldn't expect success with the "last 6 hours" concept. 

  • ETL by default runs daily, so it would only have data that new for about 1/4 of the day. 
  • At least some of the performance marts are built one day in arrears, so the newest perf data would be 24 hours old, plus ETL runtime, at the end of each ETL. 

You might do better to look for the 6 newest data points in the hourly performance facts.