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OCUM 7.0RC1 - cant add ONTAP 9 systems


Hi, we have some 8.3.x cDOT clusters added in OCUM, all working fine.


But clusters with version 9 (GA) can't be added.

We get this error:

Cluster add failed. Failed to fetch the HTTPS certificate from *ontap9system*. Enter a valid Hostname or Port.


Certificates are not expired, credentials work fine.


Any ideas?




Quick update: It works with HTTP (Port 80) but of course we have security concerns so we need to use HTTPS like on the others.





What does the following command say?


::> system services web show 

Are you adding with the name or the IP address? (try both)




here you go:


External Web Services: true
Status: online
HTTP Protocol Port: 80
HTTPS Protocol Port: 443
HTTP Enabled: true



Yes it tried both IP and Hostname, it only works with non-secure HTTP...




this may be caused because the hostname listed in the certificate does not match the actual hostname / FQDN of the cluster.

This may happen in case DNS settings or cluster name are changed post cluster setup.

I also wouldn't exclude the cluster setup logic to have a flaw so that hostname/FQDN of the cluster and the certificate don't match.


Please try to re-create the SSL certificate according to this KB article:


Although the article is written explicitely for ONTAP 8.1 and 8.2/8.3, please follow those steps outlined for 8.2/8.3 for ONTAP 9. They should be identical.


Then try adding the cluster to OCUM.


Kind regards, Niels



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There was no DNS / Name change.

Brand new cluster setup, no changes there.


New cert didn't help, I have opend a ticket. Lets see...




so the fix / workaround is to modify the hosts file of both OCUM and OCPM by adding the ontap 9 systems.

Although ping worked fine without the host entries, technician said its a bug.


Hello All,


I am facing the same error in all the ONTAP versions(Failed to fetch the HTTPS certificate from the Cluster). And also i dont see seperate HOSTS file for the OCUM. Could you please help me to get that.




Hi, did you ever resolve this issue? I've renewed certs, created a hosts file and removed any instances in the cluster to a previous install of OCUM.


Getting connection failed on both http and https.



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