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OnCommand System Manager - XML Error



FAS3220 HA Pair running 8.1P1. Managing with Oncommand 2.2


Today I am getting an error from one node in the HA pair when trying to view 'Disks' in the storage section of the GUI.


"Invalid or incomplete XML received due to communication error or character encoding errors. (Error: 0)"


If i look at Volumes it works 3 out of 4 times. When it fails, it fails with the above error. I'm not sure, but it looks like maybe a timeout problem?


Anyone seen this behaviour? Any suggestions to cure it?



Re: OnCommand System Manager - XML Error




Just try Open system manager in different browser






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Re: OnCommand System Manager - XML Error


That doesn't really fit the problem. Ie it wouldn't explain why the error would affect only one node in an HA pair.


As it turns out, we have since found there were errors on the cable, and swapping it out resolved the issue.

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Re: OnCommand System Manager - XML Error


In the begin I haved the same problem. Added this adress to trusted sites and it started work.

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