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Rows are merged in Excel 2007 output




Some of my reports like Additional hosts in volume capacity DM have hostnames in FQDN format. Report run fine when I run that in HTML but when I save that report in Excel format it merge 2 rows to fit that output. I checked the properties window, tried to increase the width of that column but no luck.


I found some articles related to that on IBM page/forums.



They fixed that by adding extra proprtety in report (DWH) server. But since that fixed is long ago 5-6 years back, just want to confirm that if there is any other way which Netapp know or IBM's solution is the only way. 


Both articles showing different property to add, so could you guys confirm which is right one? Can I proceed and do that change? Will it impact any other functionalty of OCI?




Re: Rows are merged in Excel 2007 output


For what it's worth, I don't know an answer off the top of my head.  Your research and testing process is exactly what I would be doing.  Try the available options and see what works. 

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