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UCS 62xx and Oncommand Balance


Regarding the Balance Documentation to configure discoveries for the CISCO switches you have to configure the following items:

Balance has the following Cisco discovery requirements:

In Balance, create credentials for accessing the switch. On the

Add credentials


•    Leave the Login field blank.

•    For the Password field, type the SNMP community name password. Default is


. If an

SNMP community name does not exist, use the Cisco management software to create it.

•    For the FQDN/IP Address field, type the switch IP address.

In our case we are not possible to communicate with the switches

Could you please advice?

Thank you



Re: UCS 62xx and Oncommand Balance


Re: UCS 62xx and Oncommand Balance


Hello Peter,

We want to configure SNMP to communicate from Balance to UCS 6200 FI-1

The problem is discovery, Error:Auth or Conenct Failure

Not able to establish contact with SNMP agent at using provided community string

Statistics: OK

We tried also the links below but we’ve got the same results

NetApp Knowledgebase - OnCommand Balance: How to manually configure an SNMP community on a Cisco SAN device

NetApp Knowledgebase - How to discover Brocade/Cisco devices using OnCommand Balance

Do you have any similar installation to any customer?

Please advice


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