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Virtual Machine Performance (Reporting)


Hi All,


we are using OnCommand Insight 7.0.2  and I 've got two performance questions:


- How it's possible to show performance that is older 7 days? (GUI/Report)

- Which package I can use to  create a performance report for Virtual Machines? I can't find a suitable package, which deals with the VM. Packages such as "Internal Volume Daily Performance" (and other peformance packages) contained no reference to the VM.









Hey Michael,


The OCI DWH has VM performance data, I believe in OCI 7.0.2. There is no data mart built in Cognos, but the data is available via SQL. By default, I believe the DWH will have:


2 weeks hourly data

Far longer daily data


for each VM


OCI 7.0.1 and higher has REST API acccess to VM performance data out of the operational OCI server. As noted, OCI defaults to storing 7 days of performance data, which for VMs is probably at 5-15 minutes granularity by default (haven't had coffee yet, and should be jumping in the shower instead of answering questions.




Here is an example of something my counterpart Ketsia Pha built for a pre-sales requirement



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