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WFA command that uses 2 schemas

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I'm creating a command that writes data into the playground database.  One of the parameters to the command is policy_name which is in the playground.policy_name. Another input parameter is the SnapShot policy, which I mapped to  Is this the correct way, or should this parameter be playground.snapshot_policy which is a string and resolve it in the workflow input parameters?  Any thoughts?


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Also did not understand the question.

Would be best to map parameters to objects when it doesn't require too much. And yes, Jeremy (As always) was correct 🙂


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Thank-you for your replies.

When adding a reference variable to the Playground database, the code that takes a string name has to query the WFA database for the database ID and put it in the database.

For example, a service dictionary definition contains a reference variable to a policy and a service name.  When adding the service, the user input is the service name and the policy name, both strings.  There seems to be no WFA code that converts the  policy name string to the policy database ID that is needed for the reference variable.  The  code that adds a service instance needs to fetch the policy ID from the policy name in the WFA database and add it to the service instance.


   - Rick -


Not sure that I completely understand the question but I will answer this way.  Yes, you can 'blend' schemes with no issue.  You can link one of the parameters to your custom scheme and the other to the snapshot_policy.  This would end up being a reference variable.  Like I said, there is no issue going that route

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