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issue with Powershell (set-NaQtree) while using WFA


Getting the following error:

ERROR  [Set QTree Options] Command failed for xxxxxx : Cannot determine connection type


filer is running ONTAP 7.3.3P5

$global:CurrentNaController.GetConnectionType() is "UNKNOWN"

filer has vfiler/multistore license - error occur while performing changes on base filer.

licensed_feature.multistore.enable (suggested solution for similar issue for filer running ONTAP8) does not apply here since the filer is running ONTAP 7.3.3P5

BTW, WFA was able to use service account to create the volume. But when WFA use the service account to change the security type for the volume, getting the following "Cannot determine connection type" error.

Anyone any idea?

Thanks in advance.


Re: issue with Powershell (set-NaQtree) while using WFA



Will log a bug and get back to you.

Which version of WFA are you using?



Re: issue with Powershell (set-NaQtree) while using WFA



Running WFA2.

Also, this issue seems to be filer specific. Running the same command on the cluster partner, which also have vfiler license running, have no issues.


Re: issue with Powershell (set-NaQtree) while using WFA


By "cluster partner", you mean HA partner, right?  These are running in 7-mode, not clustered ONTAP, yes?  Are they both running the same version of ONTAP?

A couple of ideas for you:

1) this may be a PowerShell Toolkit issue, so see if anyone in that forum can help or has posted similar issue.

2) you could try issuing the CLI version of the command using the NaSSH cmdlet as a workaround.

Re: issue with Powershell (set-NaQtree) while using WFA


Yep. It is the HA partner. Used to the pre Cluster-ONTAP days of using cluster partner as the reference to HA partner.

Both filers are running the same Ontap version.

1) did a search but the only solution suggested have been for filer running Ontap version 8. The same powershell has no problem running on loads of other filers in the environment.

2) no problem using CLI changing the security style for the qtree/volume.

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