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question on Resource Pools for OCUM 6.0 and WFA 1.2


All, I have several customers with workflows using finders to select aggregates from resource pools.  My understanding is that OCUM 6.0 does not include protection manager, thus, no resource pools.  My guess is that we are going to have to re-write the workflows (or at least the finders) to remain compatible. Am I right?

Also, I missed the TOI today. Does the WFA 1.2 ship with commands for CDOT 8.2 SnapVault?



Hello Stephen,

Did you mean to ask about Resource Pools for OC UM 6.0 and WFA 2.1,.. not WFA 1.2?

If you were asking about WFA 2.1 then here are a couple of responses:

  • It is likely that the "resource pool" workflows will have to be rewritten, but the real answer is "it depends"
    • if the workflows are in a pre WFA 2.0 release, they will have to be rewritten
    • If the workflows are in a WFA 2.0 release AND you are still facilitating 7mode functionality, then you will still use an earlier version of OC UM... likely 5.1 or 5.2 7-mode.
    • If you are moving to WFA 2.1, and UM 6.0, UM 6.0 only monitors clustered ONTAP.  This means no protection manager and no resource pools.  Your workflows will have to be rewritten.
  • Does WFA 2.1 ship with commands for SnapVault for clustered ONTAP 8.2 systems?
    • yes.
    • There are also sample workflows that will be part of WFA 2.1

Hope this helps.



I need to correct something I stated, which is this:

     "If you are moving to WFA 2.1, and UM 6.0, UM 6.0 only monitors clustered ONTAP.  This means no protection manager and no resource pools."

There are indeed resource pools in OnCommand Unified Manager 6.0.  That said, the database behind UM 6.0 is different from that backing the UM 5.x versions, so yes... if you were looking to use Resource Pools in a WFA workflow using UM 6.0, then yes, you would still have to rewrite your workflows.

I was also informed that the sample workflows coming in WFA 2.1 use the UM 6.0 resource pools.

Sorry for the confusion.


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