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ASUP: call home check function


Hi guys

I'm recently dealing with Netapp boxes (previous limited experience) and I'm not able to find out any valuable info about “Call Home Check” mentioned on autosupport.doit (System Administration Guide) What's the complete process of checking autosupport, to know if it's working or not? All I got is mail checking




I think I know what you are describing but could be mistaken. From the description, it seems like it is working.

The basic idea is for confirming that NetApp is receiving and correctly processing an AutoSupport, the following steps are performed:

1) configure things like network, autosupport, etc.

2) perform an "options autosupport.doit TEST"

3) confirm an email reply back to the proper administrator is received.

This verifies end-to-end that NetApp is receiving AutoSupports and the proper person is receiving replies.

As for additional value, check out MyAutoSupport by logging into (I think that is correct). Using this dashboard, you can get additional value such as displaying overall utilization, find recommendations and corrects if any are warranted and potentially many other value things.

I just found the link:


Thanks for replying

I was asking because for another vendor it's different: setting one is emails for channel/reseller and customer and two (another, separate) is logs to maker.



each vendor has thier own way of handling things, still we can see lot of similaraties among them.

you can say '` equal to sending mails to vendor/maker while `` the customer . The first helps to create ticket and vendor notify/call according to the severity