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ActiveIQ (MyAutosupport) and "Group"


A number of customers have tagged serial numbers with a "Group"-tag. This is seen by all users from the customers and also partners and NetApp employees. 

Is this capability still there? I can't see mto find where to add/change/delete this "Group"-tag within ActiveIQ(MyAutoSupport?



The new capabilites of "Custom Groups" and "Favourites" is per user and the "Workload tagging" is mor egranular... so neither of those can replace the above Group...





Re: ActiveIQ (MyAutosupport) and "Group"

I believe group creation and maintenance is done by opening a non-technical case with the group membership details provided to the SCA team (assuming you are authorized to request them).

Re: ActiveIQ (MyAutosupport) and "Group"

OK, I understand that Non-Technical Case is the process for internal going forward. I also understand that customers can change this themselves in their view of Product Information under "My Products" 

Re: ActiveIQ (MyAutosupport) and "Group"

The web-gui suggest one can create such custom groups - but when i try i get some weird results:




so add a group of serials separated by comma, and see what happenes:

ok.... so i take the commas away and then i get this:

Would somene care to tell us in what format we must enter the serials that this gui will accept it?


Re: ActiveIQ (MyAutosupport) and "Group"



You will need enter or copy/paste each serial # in a new line.


We will add a help text in the box in an upcoming release.





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