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Autosupport error


Guru's please help me out with Autosupport error message:

we have a filer FAS3040 when i trigger an autosupport on my filer, we are unable to recieve the autosupports.

i see following message on the console:

Autosupport cannot connect to host 209.x.x.x  (Network comm problem) for message: USER_TRIGGERED  (TEST)

1. i tested pinging the filer from mailserver & netapp filer , ping test is success

2. checked the settings on the mailserver, filer ip address is there.

3. i have no problems with my SSH connection

4. settings on autosupport option smtp

please let me know what's wrong on with my autosupport settings.


Re: Autosupport error

I would recommend talk to NetApp support on this issue since it might involve some hands on troubleshooting.  It is not an easy thing to debug via a community forum.



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