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Autosupport for C-Mode

I am new to clustered OnTap. I used to use autosupport to check system configurations of my 7-Mode controllers. The information is just rich and helpful.

However, system configurations are vServer-based in C-Mode controllers. How can I check the settings such as


network port show?


Any replication would be appreciated.


Re: Autosupport for C-Mode

Re: Autosupport for C-Mode

use the "my autosupport" from to browse to node or SVM or cluster specific details.

thank you,


Re: Autosupport for C-Mode

If you are getting a full AutoSupport from your nodes, I believe the data you want is in the cdb-net-port.xml and cdb-net-vifs.xml files.  If you're looking for LIF information, it's in the network-interface.xml file.


Note that AutoSupport is sent on a per-node basis, not cluster.  So each node will only report it's own data, and all of them together equates to the cluster.



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