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broken/failed disk


I have a disk listed as broken/failed. Does this always mean that the disk is dead and needs to be replaced? I know that you can manually fail a disk, are there any other possible causes? Just want to make sure its dead before i replace it.



Yes, you are correct, if disk is in showing in failed disk, then its good to remove the disk. If you failed it manully then you can again unfail the disk.

below is the setps.

1. failed the disk (disk failed <disk name>)

2. remove the failed disk ( disk remove <disk name>)

3. if you want this disk again which you failed manully ( use the command disk unfail <disk name>)

4. If physicall want to see which disk then umber the light (blink_on <disk name>)


Bhola Gond


Th blink_on or led_on commands do not show my broken disk. I then try to do the commands on other disks on lets say the 2b.01.xx and still no cigar. Whats next? need help ASAP. 




I have removed faulty disk, inserted new disk ( bought from one of the computer shop and not from NeApp as we don't have maintenance with NetApp) and on command system manager the disk status is broken and firmware versio is 000B however, all other existing disks firmware version is NA02. how can I configure my new disk ( current status is broken) as spare disk. All existing disks are 450Gb however, the new disk is 600GB. When I installed new disk I had error on the command propmt that new disk has unexpected bad sector size so I am not sure is this the reason the disk is showing as broken and not configuring as spare or it is big size or firmware version is diffenet. so could you please help?






Maybe its too late...!!!

Netapp authorizes some disk vendors whose manufacutred disks could be used in Netapp storage.

The utility or way Netapp storage identifies those vendors disks is "Disk Qualification Package".

Evenif you somehow happens to get the qualified vendors disks then you need to take of following points while purchasing the disk:

- New Disk speed should same as existing disks

- Checksum type of new disk should same as new disk - "block" or "Zoned"

- Same Disk format (520bps/512bps) disks should be used as your existing disks in the aggregate - I assume they would all be block checksum - check it using "aggr status -r" OR "disk show -v" command in ontap 7-mode 

- Disk type (SAS/SATA/FC) should be same otherwise you have to check if new disk type could be mixed with existing disks in the aggregate

- Capacity should be exactly same or larger to put it in the aggregate 

- The carrier with disk, you need to put the new disk in the same carrier so that you can insert it in the shelf


Once above points satisfy then newly installed disk should appear as "Unowned Disk" - you need to own it to the controller (using "disk assign" command) to appear as spare.

Not sure about firmware - BUT, I assume ontap would not be able to update your new disk's firmware.

However, firmware mismatch and big sized disk should not make it as failed disk



If the LED on the drive is amber, it does mean that it is broken and should be replaced. We can validate this using the command "vol status -f". Generate a autosupport and NetApp will replace it.

thank you,


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