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Broken State




I have replaced a broken disk on our FAS3140..the new disk is still showing a staus of broken in the console, we have never has this problem before, just a simple replace disk and forget. When i run  "storage show disk -T" the disk is listed but with a different firmware version NA02...the rest of the aggreagate are NA03, the model is also slightly different, replaced a Seagate with Hitatchi. Can anyone please advise? Robot Sad



Addtional infor we are running 8.1.2 Data ONTAP could this be the issue with fimware compatibility on the disk. 


There's not enough info to help with your issue. I'd open a case with NetApp tech support for assistance


Firmware is vendor specific for each drive - for example, if we have three different drives that we describe as "X412", one model might need NA03 firmware, another needs NA02, and another might be fine on NA00 - they need not all be the same level unless they are exactly the same drive and manufacturer model.


Ensure the latest firmware is present on the system and the Disk Qualification Package is up to date and options raid.background_disk_fw_update.enable is set to on. Firmware and DQP are available from


Potentially the replacement drive is also faulty - did you receive it from NetApp directly, or through a third party?





Was this disk sent out by NetApp support or did you get it elsewhere? (reason I'm asking, is that fas3140 is rather old...)

It could be the Hitachi replacement disk was refurbished and is actually broken..